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Real-time information sharing between uniformed LE personnel, investigators, supervisors, analysts and administrators.

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Collects and distributes information on crimes, criminals, crime patterns, associated locations/ residences, and vehicles.

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Supervisor-to subordinate communications regarding important day-to-day issues (electronic shift-briefing)

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Agency-wide administrative communications from top-level managers regarding new procedures, training issues, rumor-control, etc.

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Officer safety alerts: Persons, locations, and vehicles can be tagged for officer safety concerns and information is disseminated to personnel.


Integrated Communications Platforms - Collaborative Information Sharing

The PoliceArchâ„¢ ICP assists your law enforcement organization to communicate actionable information and collaborate more effectively using secure web-based platform communications.


Our commitment to excellence begins with our dynamic management team who has demonstrated proven leadership in public service for over 38 years and private enterprise for the last ten years.


We strive to enhance communication within your agency by ensuring that your web-based platform communication is safe and secure. We employ multi-tier user authentication protocols. Data encryption follows Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).


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